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NextPreviousHomeHorse needs the skin

Jesus | a year ago | 2 comments | 341 views

I have a horse in 3d model x. and to put the skin texture which effect is to make it look good. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Does not work sometimes (depends on model) but you can try UVMapper.cfx and with some models UVModifier.cfx. But generaly textures are very specific to a model so, generic textures give bad results because they do not differentiate the various parts of the model, for example: the eyes, the lips if model is a head, in this case sometimes you can try to split the model (CTRL+U) in a container and set a different textures for each submodel provided that the number of submodels is limited because otherwise it becomes a titanic job.

vincent, a year ago

Thanks vincent, with UVMapper.cfx effect it was done very well.

Jesus, a year ago

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