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daithi | 6 months ago | 9 comments | 216 views

Hi all. I'm trying to create a show which includes a video. So I create a Add Layer/Add Video Layer .. and point to the video I want to use.

But when I play the show, it shows the video in a seperate window on top of BluffTitler, which is not what I want at all. I can see 'ActiveMovie Window' being mentioned over the actual video (if that's any clue).

I did manage to have a video playing in a show before, but I can't seem to do it now. I must have switched something on or off somewhere along the way when trying to figure out how to use the program (that's my guess).

So my question would be: How to have a video playing in a show (NOT in a seperate window). Or perhaps I should state that as: how to EMBED a video into a show? The video I'm using is in .avi format. Its dimensions are: 1920 x 1080

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here.

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what operating system do you have?

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

I'm using Windows 7 (all updated). Please note that I did manage to do this before in a show. But now it won't work. I even remade this particular video size to 640 x 480 to see if that helped. But it didn't make any difference.

daithi, 6 months ago

try installing K-lite codec

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

If the Franco's solution does not work convert video from .AVI to .WMV which is the Windows native video format, so, it 'll work on any windows system.

vincent, 6 months ago

What's K-lite codec? Why should I have to start installing codecs etc, if this worked before within BluffTitler on the same computer. I don't want to start installing codecs to correct this, that shouldn't be necessary. That type of procedure can mess up a PC. Why do you suggest that?

I will try it as a last resort, AFTER I backup my system etc. But I need more info on that. Thanks Franco

daithi, 6 months ago

Thanks vincent, I'll try that, its a lot safer to try. I didn't think that BluffTitler would recognise any format other than .avi - I'll try it now ... I'll report back to you. Thanks again ..

daithi, 6 months ago

did not you say that it worked first, how did I know?
I have suggested what is also written on the official page that I have linked. Did you read it?

Franco Aversa, 6 months ago

AVI is a container format so that does not say much: it can contain any other format including DV, MPEG, DivX and Xvid for which there is, or is not a suitable codec on your system.

If you want to overlay your title onto a video background I advise to export with transparency info and do the mixing in your NLE.

If that is not possible I agree with Franco to try the the K-Lite Codec Pack. It's my favorite codec pack:

michiel, 6 months ago

Ok guys I'm moving forward with my video embed problem. As has been suggested by Franco and Michiel I have installed K-Lite Codec pack. I did a nervous reboot after installing it and it worked (with a restore point made, I've had problems with K-Lite codecs before) . I'm also experimenting with using .wmv files and they are working too - thanks for that vincent.

I can't figure out why video embeds were working for me before, and then would not. Anyway .. thanks for your help and suggestions all.

Franco: I did not realise that that link you put up was dealing specifically with effects#videocodecs, because it doesn't show like that. To me it looked like:

what operating system do you have?

But I'm on it now, thanks. This is the type of info I'm looking for regarding BluffTitler. I think it should be put in a manual, would save a lot of confusion with this program.

daithi, 6 months ago

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