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jaymac42 | 11 years ago | 8 comments | 2,509 views

Is there a way to zoom in on the time line so you can click on the right key? I have a two-minute wedding slide show in which the camera moves rapidly from photo to photo (got the idea from Roquenublo) but the keys are quite close together. Is there a way to "magnify" the time line to better see each key? Thanks.

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I think BT does not have that feature. But you can use the PREVIOUS KEY or NEXT KEY buton to meve between keys.

NYA-Mike, 11 years ago

Thanks, Mike. I've been using that all along but the problem I have is clicking on a key and having it move. When there's a lot of "room" between keys, they tend to stay in place. But when they're crowded together, a click that's not exactly on the key often moves it to the location of the click. Frustrating when you've got over 70 keys in a two-minute span!

Thanks for the help, John

jaymac42, 11 years ago

I try to breakup my project to avoid this issue, then use my NLE to blend the multiple BT renders seemlessly through a very subtle effect, bump, or wipe that fits the theme of the project.

A zoom feature would be nice as we use BT for move than just quick titles. Using the .eps layer like recent gallery posts reminds me of using models on cool 3D. A dockable timeline like cool msy be good too.

Elect1, 11 years ago

I agree, a zoom would be very useful for shows greater than 1 minute.

vincent, 11 years ago

In many situations you can automate the process by using the dynamic content feature. Please take a look at this show. It displays 34 pictures with only 8 layers and no layer uses more than 4 keys:

michiel, 11 years ago

This is another example of automation. This show features hundreds of layers that are automatically generated. Not something you want to do by hand:

michiel, 11 years ago

Thanks for your suggestions, Michiel, but under the circumstances I think Elect1's idea would be more useful. If you look at the show in the link (the model I'm using for my show), you'll see that the "slides" are stationary and the camera moves all about. My show is over two minutes long for roughly 40 photos. This requires fairly precise timing for the keys, which is why I'd dearly love to see a "zoomable" time line. I hope some day this is feasible.

Cheers, John

jaymac42, 11 years ago

I was just coming to the gallery to ask about such a feature - "zoom in on timeline".

I've read the above comments but still feel that the ability to zoom on the timeline so that you get more precise control would be very helpful.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

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