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nicetiga | a year ago | 3 comments | 275 views

I loved the ability to save favorites. there seems to be not favorites option any more

I have BT 14, latest edition. Just purchased it yesterday. Some of the classic shows are not even there.
I should have backed them up. The new installer erased the shows that i liked without warning!!

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We'd like to keep BluffTitler a compact, fast loading, fast running and easy to use app. To do that we sometimes, with pain in our heart, have to remove lesser used features.

As an alternative to the favorites you could:
-set the homepage to your current project (choose SETTINGS > OPTIONS...)
-select your show from the 12 recent ones (click on the button on the right of the URL bar)
-create a favorites folder and place your favorite shows there

michiel, a year ago

I'd be very interested to hear which classic show you are missing in the latest installer.

Old installers can be downloaded here:

michiel, a year ago

What aggravates me the most is I'll use the older shows to see how a particular action is done.
Then a new edition is installed and the show is gone.

I guess one day I could go through all the old installers, gather up all the shows, and put them in a "Classic BT Shows" file.

SMSgtRod, a year ago

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