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Rorysee | a year ago | 8 comments | 12 likes | 636 views

komies, DJ A Todo Dar, michiel and 9 others like this!

BT uses the water fx reflection from the color map . clever way BT handles the reflections.

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Did you use of rotate towards camera effect? Rorysee

komies, a year ago

very beautiful composition!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Great reflections

lightads, a year ago

the reflections are realistic

PAT67, a year ago

@ Komies no I simply created a key to match the camera angle for the pan duration.

Rorysee, a year ago

The Special\RotateTowardsCamera.cfx would do that for you this is especially handy when you use more images that have to behave that way.

komies, a year ago

thanks Komies. ok that's interesting if you move the camera to different angles the images will follow level fixed to the cam. very nice fx

Rorysee, a year ago

Muy bueno,me gusta

persiana, a year ago

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