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bjtap | a year ago | 2 comments | 261 views

BluffTitler Pro: I wish to take an existing show and attach a video to one of the moving components... which also means sizing down the video. Is there anyway to import a video and copy all the attributes to the video so it will do exactly what the moving object does? Sort of like having a moving screen showing my video. Thanks

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A copy/paste layer (including keys and properties) should be great! For the moment what you can do is to delete all layers except video layer then save with a new name (ie : LayerVid) then open the show where you want to import, then with CTRL+M you select show LayerVid. That porcedure will import your video layer with keys and all properties in your new show.

vincent, a year ago

When you say "video", do you mean a video file like an MP4, WMV or AVI file?

The video layer can play video files:

With the container layer you can group layers together. When you attach the video layer to the same container layer as the other "moving components", they all move together when you move the container:

michiel, a year ago

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