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stcyhood | 8 months ago | 15 comments | 2 likes | 276 views

Dani and Franco Aversa like this!

I am trying to find or recreate one of my favorite effects from several years ago in BT. I just got a new computer and trying to re-learn a lot of stuff I've forgotten and/or lost. It's been a long time ago when I did this video for someone (around 2008 I think?) but I still have the wmv file so took a screenshot of it (it has an audio layer so I can't upload it). Anyway, I am hoping someone can help me find the show/file or tell me how to recreate it (I have been trying to recreate it and getting frustrated after 4-5 days of messing with all the buttons, ...I'm not super smart when it comes to details, lol). The show was just a stream of clouds on the bottom half of the screen (pretty fast on the animation) and then I would just add a picture layer to it zooming along with the clouds toward you. It looked so simple that I thought I could just create it myself but I am having the hardest time figuring it out. Can someone help me on this? Thanks in advance for any help.

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This show was posted by Vincent,

If you ask him nicely he will probably still have it.

komies, 8 months ago

That would be awesome, thank you Komies. How do I find Vincent?

stcyhood, 8 months ago

Hi stacyhood, are you speaking of this (2006-2008) clouds animation ?

vincent, 8 months ago

Yes! That is the one I'm referring to. How can I get this? I can pay you for the show if that is necessary or maybe you can help me with how to create it? I love this effect/show so much.

stcyhood, 8 months ago

No! no! i don't want to make money with it, i can send you the show (BT) by email.

vincent, 8 months ago

Hi Stacey, just sent you the project. Regards. Vincent.

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you Vincent! I got it and downloaded it and it is perfect! So much appreciated!!!

stcyhood, 8 months ago

Vincent, Could you send it to me too?

snafu, 8 months ago

@vincent : Moi aussi j'aimerai bien l'avoir (si ce n'est pas trop demandé !!)

maggico, 8 months ago

Great clouds !!

Franco Aversa, 8 months ago

And then can you mail it to us as well?

lightads, 8 months ago

Vincent it stays a nice show.

Filip, 8 months ago

Thanks Filip and Franco. Lightads, sent.

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you Vincent I got them.

lightads, 8 months ago

Ok lightads, super!

vincent, 8 months ago

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