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johnsolar283 | a year ago | 4 comments | 347 views

So I have asked this before but perhaps not correctly(take two)
While I understand there are models in different forms in various BixPacks.
I don't feel all packs are for me or fit my usage.
Is there a BixPack Models I am unaware of?
Or perhaps a website to get them from.
Now they have to be .X format files I understand.
I am familiar with PixlSquid and Footage Create and use both.
I have Photoshop CS4 - Gimp - and AfterEffects CS4 & CS5 and Corel VS 2019.
I give this info in case there is something to use but you have to have _______ software.
Any help would be awesome !

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1.The most simple question is: What do you want to create?
2. You can create a lot with BluffTitler without using an 3d model!
Here are some of my own examples (and I do't have all that expensive software):

Filip, a year ago

I do 3 promos a week for Spreaker - iHeart Radio - Apple pocast etc..
So some guests may have a quirk or something their known for.
Each promo is about 60 seconds long and being able to pop in a model is great.
I don't need to know I created the model I just have to get the work done.
We had David Brown the Author on a few weeks past.
Had I had a book model I could have Re-skinned them with his covers. (Textures).
Guess I will have to make my own model library.
Well thanks for the follow ups folks and all the info.

johnsolar283, a year ago

see my tutorial:

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Thank You Sir

johnsolar283, a year ago

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