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HACHEBE | 2 months ago | 6 comments | 178 views

I'm looking for a video of a music box vith a dancer on the top,
if you know where i can find this, i shall appreciate your help.
best regards

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Never seen this type of animation here but maybe i'm wrong. If you are looking for a VIDEO there are sites for that, try to search 'royalty free videos' in google, but maybe you'll have to pay.

vincent, 2 months ago

En voilà une ,Un peu olé olé j'en convient mais c'est une piste
Avec Blufftitler tout est possible.

PAT67, 2 months ago

Hachebe you inspire us!

Yes you can! Great example Pat67.

Filip, 2 months ago

😄😄😄 j'avais oublié le grenier plein de trésors de Patrick! C'est vrai que c'est faisable avec BluffTitler

vincent, 2 months ago

Found this on youtube. Portions of it might be what you need.

kf_daddy, 2 months ago


HACHEBE, a month ago

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