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vincent | 4 months ago | 15 comments | 1 like | 390 views

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Michiel, could you detail a little more how work FX Interiors Pattern 1, FX Interiors Pattern 2, Repeat 1st interior and FX Interiors in textures, for this last property i know that if 2nd cursor=0 it is to use with silhouette mode (cube) but how does it work for the different values >0.
In reflection factor glass what's the 2nd cursor for ?

In this exemple i use a colourmap (visible at the end of video), how to make appear the different letters of BLUFF centered in each cell without change room texturing, I tried a lot of settings but I can not. In my video we see mostly the B and once the F. BLUFF is a text layer placed on 1st colonne as in silhouette examples.

I use these settings :
FX Interiors in textures = 4, 0
FX Interiors pattern 1 = 1, 33, 3
FX Interiors pattern 2 = 99

I would like to have a better repartition of letters but without change room tetxure, is there a way ? Thanks in advance for help.

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FX Interiors in textures:

Yes for the silhouette texture that came with the BixPack the second slider is set 0, so this texture has 6 rooms.

But in the linked example Michiel uses a different texture from Christopher Harper at

So in this case the second slider has to be set to 4 and the first also to 4 because it has 16 rooms.

Thus to accommodate these two different textures (approaches) there are 2 sliders

FX Interiors Pattern 1:
These are randomizers like the plasma layers Random Seed.

FX Interiors Pattern 2:
Seems to be doing the same as Repeat 1st Interior

So for these properties a more descriptive explanation would be welcome.

komies, 4 months ago

thank you for the explanations Alex, yes it seemed to me that FX Interiors in textures was related to the number of columns and lines of the image, where it is complicated for me it is in the silhouette mode where I have trouble mastering which silhouette and the location where it will appear. I played with Interiors pattern but i don't understand what is the logic. In Bixpack33 for ex Interiormap_Grey.png is planned for 5 silhouettes/5 rooms bur Fx Interiors in textures must be set to 6 , correct ?

vincent, 4 months ago

Yes and No

The Silhouette is just a transparant face of the 6 sided cube.

So in this LostBoyz example texture there are 6 rooms with the 6 faces of a cube.
Front/window/silhouettes, right, back, left, ceiling and floor.

The front is transparant else you couldn't watch inside. But a nice lady is always welcome.

komies, 4 months ago

😉 😊

vincent, 4 months ago

Here an other test, Alex you are right a nice lady i welcome!!! for some unknow reasons i have some parts with tranparency (maybe some depth bias values) 😠😲

Michiel, InteriorMap.cfx is software in its own right 🏆 🥇

vincent, 4 months ago

Nice, Vincent

Colourmap as texture with greenscreen Lady Silhouette's?

komies, 4 months ago

Yes Alex.

vincent, 4 months ago

The FX INTERIOR PATTERN props are parameters for the pseudo random function that determines which interior is drawn at which position. The exact formula won't help you much. Play around with the sliders until you see something you like.

michiel, 4 months ago

ok michiel, this effect is not very easy to understand but it is awesome! just another thing, what about the 2nd slider on 'FX reflection factor glass' property ? I don't see any effect changing its value.

vincent, 4 months ago

Well spotted. This slider does nothing. It will be disabled in the next version. Thank you for the report!

michiel, 4 months ago

Wonderful shows Vincent...

Dani, 4 months ago

thank you Dani.

vincent, 4 months ago


What is the pattern?

When dealing with a 4x4 or 16 different interiors textures then what is the setting to have no same room next or top of bottom.

I went to all slider till 100 but there is always a same room next to each other some where in the large building. e.g 16x32 building.

komies, 3 months ago

Komies, I have no idea. The FX INTERIOR PATTERN props are parameters for a pseudo random function. I can only advise you to play around with its sliders until you see something you like.

michiel, 3 months ago


The interior mapping is great in BluffTitler and it is nice to see the sparkling interest in this effect and his many applications.

Feature request to make it even better:

I like the stone wall in the Vincent show but it is clearly repetitive and made in a different layer, although there is a free texture slot in the Interiormap.cfx to add this, I would like to see a scaled down version of the same effect with only.

- FX Windows Size
- FX Room Size
- FX Frame Size
and the Property Wall Depth.

Or at your discretion, a effect that would allow us too Clone the Interiormap layer so we can add a Texture with a Normalmap to make up the façade in the same proportions quickly. (InteriormapFacade.cfx?)

Please think about it.

komies, 3 months ago

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