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vincent | 4 months ago | 15 comments | 12 likes | 438 views

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Michiel, as you suggested me, i tried to create interiormap textures from one of my shows, it is not easy because corridor is a cylinder. Here is some tests with other exemples too.

Imap Textures :

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mmmm.... magic rooms!

Very nice effect!

Vincent, if you play with windows size, you can make the doors open and close

Franco Aversa, 4 months ago

This looks great, Vincent!
I have made three rooms, but I'm not satisfied with the look when I add the effect.
I'm continuing to test.

Ulli, 4 months ago

Franco, it's a good idea to close then open doors to make appear a room.
Ulli, it's not easy to have perfect 3D look with a flat image, it poses the same problems but inverted as to represent our earth by a plane image. It remains that interiormap.cfx is a super and powerful effect with its limitations. I'll do more tests and textures too.
Maybe Bixorama could be useful to build interiormap textures.

vincent, 4 months ago

Vincent, leave it to you to bend reality with your creative mind and insight. This CFX has crazy potential! I'm dying to try it out!

IntroChamp, 4 months ago

Creative Angle, Vincent

I wish I had more time, to explore this great effect.

komies, 4 months ago

Awesome vincent!! :)

LostBoyz, 4 months ago

Thank you Joel, Alex and LB.

vincent, 4 months ago

Very nice, very clever and very innovative.

Thank you very much for sharing the media files!

It would be wonderful if you could find a way to offer your art as ready to use intro video templates. This does have to be more complex than adding a dynamic text and/or picture. I'm sure that would make a lot of users very happy.

Here's my attempt to use one of your textures for an intro video template:

michiel, 4 months ago

I love your work Vincent. Thnx for sharing.

Filip, 4 months ago

Thank you Filip.

vincent, 4 months ago

Un buen trabajo Vicente

persiana, 4 months ago


how did you create the rooms ?

Franco Aversa, 4 months ago

Spectaculaire ce dé magique

PAT67, 4 months ago

Fantastico y magico!!

Jesus, 4 months ago

Thank you very much for sharing.

Babe34, 3 months ago

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