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NextPreviousHome[Suggestion] Show KEYS for selected Property... for BT after

lucato | 7 months ago | 3 comments | 1 like | 223 views

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Hi Dev team, now a days it is a mess (IMHO) to understand in the keyframes bar, which key belongs to the selected property, making hard to edit the wished keys and so on. As a suggestion you guys would implement:
1) A feature to show KEYS ONLY for the selected Property, in other words, when in the active layer (selected layer) and by selecting a property (properties dropdown) it should show the KEYS ONLY for the selected property (e.g: transparency) so it should show only the keys used for this property, it would make muuuch more easier to see and control each key that I have applied for this specific property and the other keys for the layer should be shown as grayed out or be hidden or even be optional (selective in checkbox to show/hide keys from non active property).

2) OR a own windows for all properties as the attached mockup.

Well, something like that.


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A separate timeline for every property is very powerful but also very difficult to use: the GUI will explode with dozens of new elements.

We definitely would like to keep the current interface. The only way to implement this would be to create a separate NLE version of Bluff. And yes, we would love to do that!

michiel, 7 months ago

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. Once the option 2 is a distante dream, maybe the option 1 would be accomplished in the current interface*, so when the user selects one property into a layer it would show in the 'keyframe bar' only the keys used in the selected property, this way would make easier to see and control each key that I have applied on the scene. E.g:
If I select Transparecy+ the 'keyframe bar' should show: |-----|------||-----|||------|------|
If I change selection to Text position the bar should show: |-----------------|----------------|----
And so on...

OR show in another color ALL keys "|" used in the selected property.

Now a days, it just changes when changing the layer and not the property into each layer and it is hard to see each keys belongs to each property when changing between them.

Regarding the option 2, as soon as I get time I will place a mockup later here, just for reference what would be done in the current interface and fun. ;0)

Have a great day.

(*) not sure in the programming side it if is possible to accomplish.

lucato, 7 months ago

It is always funny to me that newbies have a lot of suggestions without the knowledge.

What is more likely:

That a Software Application of 16 years old with many users got fundamental things wrong.


That a new users hasn't found a way to make it work within that software.

Don't get me wrong asking questions is a good thing but being self reliant also:

For instance:

The properties changes are shown with a Plus or Minus Sign. Plus means it is animated (it moves from one value to another) and the Minus means that it has a different setting then the Default and you can set this under Settings/ Options. So a Key can have more than one property.

It is the Adobe thinking that needs to be adjusted: Say we apply the Adobe method to BluffTitler how many timelines would we get with a 100 layer show and how small would the preview window need to be set to see it all! Oke we could add a scroll menu on this timeline to see these individual property changes with maybe a counter telling us how many individual properties there are but that doesn't make it more clear it will add to the clutter.

The best friend of novices and experts alike is the CTRL + Shift combination which lets you render each layer separately this in turn combined with the arrow up/down keyboard keys you can go swiftly thru any show.

I hope to see some work from you and have fun while doing it and when you are stuck just ask it here in this community.

komies, 7 months ago

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