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vincent | a month ago | 17 comments | 14 likes | 305 views

Ulli, LostBoyz, lightads and 11 others like this!

In the studio. Screen is a colourmap done with an imported show (CTRL+M).

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AWESOME vincent!!!! :)

LostBoyz, a month ago

Oh my goodness. This is a fantastic idea und a fantastic show.
I love it!

Ulli, a month ago

Cinematic indeed, Vincent

Why is the Director invisible?

komies, a month ago

Tu m'étonnes qu'avec un tel studio tu survoles la grosse majorité des forumeurs. Bravo Vincent

PAT67, a month ago

Encore une fois magnifique. Quelle bonne idée ce studio d'enregistrement.
Bravo Vincent !

maggico, a month ago

Magnifique Vincent!

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Ha ha ha great BIX film set. Very original.

lightads, a month ago

Thank you, merci à tous. Alex, the director’s gone for a beer

vincent, a month ago

Vincent a great show. Love the car, the windows and the reflections. Especially the glass texture.
How did you do that?

Filip, a month ago

Thank you Filip. For glass i use UVMapper_additive.cfx with cubemap layer as CUBE MAP (3rd slot), you can add or not a colourmap texture. Because i use a cubemap layer, according environment of the show you have to adjust FX Reflectionmap factor, FX colourmap factor (if you use a colourmap in 1st slot) and FX lighting factor.

vincent, a month ago

Fantástico e impresionante Vicente

persiana, a month ago

Just when I thought I've seen is it all...

IntroChamp, a month ago

Impressionnant !
Et merci pour les conseils sur les reflets.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Gracias persiana, thanks Joel et merci ART.

vincent, a month ago

Suite à tes conseils j'ai modifié les reflets sur ma carte de vœux.
Ce n'est pas encore parfait, mais j'ai de l'espoir...

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Looking great Alex. Wonderful to see our templates in action and to see how you have improved them!

Wonderful camera work Vincent! The 3D models and reflections are beautiful. The yellow desert and chairs in combination with the blue sky are amazing!

michiel, a month ago

thank you all : persiana, Joel, ART and michiel.

vincent, a month ago

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