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SMSgtRod | 5 months ago | 4 comments | 265 views

Scenario: I have a 10 second video set up in BT. Video would be 30 fps.
I wish to make a ten frame gif of the video.
I set up BT for custom 1 frame per second.

My question is for each 1 second of video 30 frames, which frame will BT select for the 1 frame of GIF?
Will it take the first frame of each video second or some other frame.

Reason I ask is I have been having some issues and I can't figure out where I'm running amok!!

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For just 10 frames?

Export as picture.... the 10 out of 300 frames you want.
Use a Gif maker pc app or online version to make the .gif

komies, 5 months ago

The first frame of each video second.

When you also want to export the last frame at 10 second (the first frame of the 11th second), mark the INCLUDE LAST FRAME checkbox in the FILE > EXPORT AS VIDEO... dialog.

michiel, 5 months ago

@komies.... I do that for sure but.... there are so many ways to do neat things with BT that I find it real easy to do the GIF with the BT export.

@micheil.... I really figured that, I guess I'm missing it someplace....
would be nice to be able to step through frame by frame.

Thank you both for the assistance

SMSgtRod, 5 months ago

Choose NUMBERED FRAMES in the FILE > EXPORT AS VIDEO... dialog to inspect the frames.

michiel, 5 months ago

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