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TROY GT | 8 months ago | 4 comments | 253 views

Michiel,how I can update the effects from the folder V11,blufftitler is asking me for the version 2 because the version 1 is not compatible,help me please.

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Hi Troy GT,

Do you mean BT is asking for an effects file with a 2 on the end, if so see this thread on the communiity.

Hopefully that's all the issue is and you should find the solution here.

Kind regards,


Pixelpanther, 8 months ago

maybe it is due to paragraph "Effect compatibility protection", see michiel's article

vincent, 8 months ago

The installer updates all effects, including all the old V11 ones.

You must have renamed or moved an effect. This way the installer does not know what to do with it.

To fix this you have to delete the old incompatible effects yourself:
-delete the installation Effects folder
-re-install BluffTitler

To prevent compatibility issues in the future never rename, move or edit effect files.

michiel, 8 months ago

Tnxs so much every one for your help.

TROY GT, 8 months ago

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