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michiel | a year ago | 13 comments | 16 likes | 1,451 views

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After seeing the latest Star Wars I could not resist experimenting with spaceship textures.

The ship is rendered by layer 2 and uses 3 textures: a colourmap, a normalmap and a cubemap. All 3 textures are beautifully combined and rendered by the AdvancedMaterials\ColourmapNormalmapCubemap effect.

Select layer 2 and choose MEDIA > Change effect... for the details. Remove and replace textures to find out what each texture does.

The colourmap and normalmap are created with Filter Forge:

And the cubemap is the default cubemap that comes with the installer.

Have fun and may the force be with you!

Download media files (1.5 MB)

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Impressionnant et merci pour la distribution.

PAT67, a year ago

Very effective! love the addition of glowing particles too, nice touch to make it more scifi :)

Thanks Michiel

Pixelpanther, a year ago

AWESOME Michiel!!looks like Independence Day film :))

LostBoyz, a year ago

This would be a great trailer for the Star Wars movies!

Ulli, a year ago

Wonderful !!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

beautiful journey in the 4th dimension. Nice textures and nice effects.

vincent, a year ago


Filip, a year ago

Great Michiel!!!.Thank you

chaver, a year ago

Thank you all!

michiel, a year ago

For to me its a movie scene...great Michiel...

Dani, a year ago

Extraordinario Michiel

persiana, a year ago

Encore plus Super que SuperBix !
Bravo et Merci Michiel

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Merci Michiel

maggico, a year ago

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