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Elect1 | 11 years ago | 4 comments | 4 likes | 7,085 views

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I was looking at a new AE tutorial on a website that just released some Design Elements and wanted to quickly copy it using just Bluff and Coreldraw to make .eps shapes. If you have a green screen you can have some fun. With draw (or illustrator) you can create very detailed eps.

I wish you could have more than one camera in BT for this type of use to view multiple angles. I cheated by haveing the camera at different positions at temporary keyframes I deleted later. I'll play with shadows now and add a greenscreen video or still. I thought I had some techy backgrounds, but I can't find them at the moment!

Download media files (896 KB)

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Nice work. This software is very powerful and with users interaction the sky is the limit.

myoffices, 11 years ago

I'm having trouble getting it to work when I download all the files. It keeps giving me an error that it can't open various textures, so I copied the textures into Bluff's media file and I don't get that error anymore but I don't get the show properly either. I really like your work here, can you help me?


jriley, 11 years ago

I'll post an updated version soon. I added several objects, but I need to reduce the file size of the textures! Can you explain how the show is not "showing" for you properly? It works for me just fine.

Elect1, 11 years ago

Looking at this show again, I have two questions for Michiel.
1) What is a better way to "hide" the wall texture seem for a cylindrical room?
2) Why do light/additive fx text/objects and picture layers with effects disappear and reappear by just moving the camera around?


Elect1, 11 years ago

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