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It is a slideshow, in which 3D models are combined with the photos.

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10/10 fantastic show - but which photo are you in?

DaveH, 11 years ago

irina fantastic.
a pleasure meeting you here

maitegras, 11 years ago

roquenublo, I am also very glad to see you:)
DaveH, this old family photos 1940-1970 years. I was not there, or I'm just a little girl.

Bragina, 11 years ago

A very good show. Well done

DaveH, 11 years ago

Bragina, happy to see your great show here!!!

vincent, 11 years ago


I think the contrast between the colourful 3D room and the black and white photos works really well. Very tasteful.

I also love the parallax effect of the view outside the room at the end of the video. Nice trick.

Thank you very much for sharing!

michiel, 11 years ago

Nice show, and nice guitar playing as well. :)

Wowbagger, 11 years ago

Thank you for the warm welcome:)
And especially thanks to Michiel for the wonderful program

Bragina, 11 years ago

Excellent work.

SoCal Chris, 11 years ago

Beautiful music Bragina.

JimH, 11 years ago

Bragina - Your show has been put together with warmth and feeling and you are obviously very proud of your family -as previously mentioned the music is well chosen and beautiful - well done


Eddie, 11 years ago

very nice,
i want to use this show to make my title, may i

Gurmeet, 11 years ago

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