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NextPreviousHomeBlufftitler can not Export WEBM Alpha Channel ?

agpvn | a month ago | 11 comments | 217 views

Hi Michiel , i try Export Video Webm from Blufftitler 15 , but Alpha Channel not working . Only Black Background . Can you help me ?

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WebM format doesn't support alpha channels,
this for any program, it is precisely for how codecs are structured.
The only formats are AVI and Quicktime Mov

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Franco Aversa : Webm Support Alpha Channel , File size very small , Quality good. I use Blufftitler Export to AVI Alpha & Use Adobe Premiere Export Webm Alpha Channel it's OK . But i use Blufftitler Export Webm not Support Alpha .

agpvn, a month ago

I had never heard anyone use webm for alpha channel videos. Sorry.
It is based on VP8-VP9 and has a high compression because it derives from Matrioska, I think it is mainly used for the web.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

I didn't know WebM supports transparency either.

Thank you for your feature request, we'll see if it can be supported in a future version!

michiel, a month ago

Franco Aversa: Yes, Webm use for web platform very good , it's small size , good Quality & Alpha Channel . Use Webm replace for Mov & Avi Alpha Channel .

Michiel: I Hope this feature will have in Blufftitler Future . We can see here: , Streamlabs use Webm for create Template for Livestream very nice.

agpvn, a month ago

We've taken a close look at transparent WebM. Here are the results:

Windows has no native support for WebM so we depend on 3rd party codecs.


FFmpeg can encode as transparent WebM, so it's possible to make BluffTitler export as transparent WebM!

More about video encoding in BluffTitler here:

K-Lite Codec Pack

The LAV decoder, that comes with the K-Lite Codec Pack, does not support transparent WebM, so you will not be able to play transparent WebM with the video layer of BluffTitler.

Maybe a future version of the LAV decoder will. We can make BluffTitler ready for this!

More about video decoding in BluffTitler here:


Export as transparent WebM will be turned on in a future version. And we will make BluffTitler ready for playing transparent WebM.

Thank you for your feature request.

michiel, a month ago

good to know. I had remained that only Avi and Mov had the alpha channel

Franco Aversa, a month ago

@Michiel : Great !!!

agpvn, a month ago

OBS supports WebM so you can use it with the transparent layer to create amazing Stingers. I used it like agpvn creating an transparent AVI and then importing it to Premiere and creating a WebM transparent video, the AVI is 1.8 Gb the WebM 7 Mb. both transparent.

rafyperez, a month ago

Yes, Webm for good platfowm web & sofware livetream

agpvn, a month ago

Version can export as transparent WebM:

michiel, a month ago

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