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FuZZy BluFF | 2 weeks ago | 2 comments | 157 views

I was wondering if someone with the technical know how could do me a favour.

Bixpack 1 - Quiz3 Top2Floor ----- The back wall has 6 spaces for Player1 through 6. I am working on a small personal project and would like this to have space for 8 players (four on each side).

Can someone edit this to make it possible?
If not no worries :)

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It is not easy because these panels are made with models (layer23, layer24).

vincent, 2 weeks ago

Vincent is right: the virtual studio is a 3D model. So to edit it, you will have to open it in a 3D modelling app like 3ds Max, Maya or Blender, which is not easy.

I think I would do it like this: set the FONT SIZE of all text layers to 0.7. Clone them all, move the originals a bit up and the new ones a bit down. This way there's place for 12. If you only need 8 you can keep the bottom ones empty or use them for other info.

michiel, 2 weeks ago

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