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hi there,

I wonder if it´s possible to make the timeline better useable like it is done in most other animation software and as it was already in flash many years ago.

I often have the problem that it is hard to work exactly when you don´t know at which point you exactly are. I also work with music daw´s and I can say that also there is a very clear timeline. Is that feature of a better useable timeline planned in near future?

I attach an example how it was in flash for example so you get what I mean

best regards


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Timeline is unique and TradeMark of BT. I love the existing timeline - it is very simple for work

ID Production, 2 years ago

A lot of the folks here are power users of BT. They know it inside and out. I on the other hand are the occasional user. I know that if I can think of it, BT can do it. It's the getting it to do it part where I run into problems.
I came to BT from Corel Motion Studio 3D. Though not as powerful as BT I had no problems with Corel from the beginning. The Corel layout is more of what I am used to in my other media apps.
So I'm with you on the timeline, you bet.
Corel attached.....

SMSgtRod, 2 years ago

Your screenshots show hundreds of GUI elements: white squares, black squares, coloured squares, black rectangles, horizontal lines, vertical lines, circles, icons, buttons, sliders, scrollbars, dropdowns, numbers,... It gives me a headache wondering what all those elements mean and do.

BluffTitler's philosophy is to clean up the GUI by removing unnecessary elements. This way there's less to know so you do not have to be a power user to make sense of it. Clearly, such a minimalistic GUI isn't practical when you want to create Toy Story 5, but it's perfect for short animations like titles, intros, outros, lower thirds, bumpers, stingers,...

We definitely want to keep the current GUI, but what we are thinking about is creating an NLE edition. That would make BluffTitler useful for longer, more complex projects.

Thank you for your request!

michiel, 2 years ago

I was also thinking about a new timeline for BluffTitler, but after years of using it I think maybe it's more practical like this, the only difficulty is the keyframes when they are too close and almost overlap.

Franco Aversa, 2 years ago

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