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vincent | a year ago | 3 comments | 410 views

Michiel, why plasma as displacement works with Displacementmap.cfx and not with ColourmapDisplacementmapReflectionmap.cfx ?
I would like to use plasma as displacement + a colourmap texture but Displacementmap.cfx doesn't accept a colourmap texture.

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When you attach a plasma layer, the 1st texture is replaced by the plasma texture.

It depends on the effect how this 1st texture is used. For example when the effect uses the 1st texture as a displacementmap (like for example Effects\Displacementmap), the plasma is used as a displacementmap. And when the effect uses the 1st texture as a colourmap (like for example Effects\AdvancedMaterials\ColourmapDisplacementmapReflectionmap), the plasma is used as a colourmap. Take a look at the F9 dialog to find out how the effect uses the 1st texture.

When you want to use the plasma layer as a displacementmap and the effect expects the displacementmap in the 2nd texture slot, do not attach a plasma layer, but use a colourmap layer. This show demonstrates this technique:

michiel, a year ago

More info in the user guide:

michiel, a year ago

Ok michiel, indeed use colourmaps is the solution, I should have remembered. Thanks.

vincent, a year ago

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