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vincent | a week ago | 8 comments | 163 views

Michiel, I would like to know if it would be possible in the container layer to have the property develop / reduce the list of layers contained in the container, by reducing this would lighten the show list of layers on the one hand and it would also avoid moving by mistake an element of the container, we would develop the list when there is a need to modify the contents of the container. I imagine a hide content list cursor with values true/false. Thank you.

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So next to the VISIBLE checkbox you want a HIDE checkbox that not only makes the layer invisible in the render window, but also invisible in the layers dropdown?

I wonder, how would you unhide a hidden layer when the layer is no longer selectable?

michiel, a week ago

michiel, i just want to hide/show the layers of a container in the layers listbox not in the preview window.

vincent, a week ago

I think that's what the AUTO FOLDING LAYERS HIERARCHY checkbox in the SETTINGS > Options... dialog does.

michiel, a week ago

michiel i tried that but it has no effect. when i check/uncheck i don't see difference in layers listbox. What i would like is the same system as Windows files tree (but only for 1 st level). it's just to mask all layers names in a specific container to lighten the list of the layers of the show when there are a lot of layers in containers.

vincent, a week ago

That's exactly what that option does. Maybe you have to select another layer before your container is closed.

michiel, a week ago

Great, thanks for the tip. With the marked checkbox it is now clearer.

Ulli, a week ago

Ok it's work, you had to click on a layer that was not in a container. Thank you for help, there is always something to learn.

vincent, a week ago


Franco Aversa, a week ago

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