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Years ago someone made a popup book. And they gave away the template show.
This video from 2013 is the result of me adding to it. I'm sharing it now to give some ideas for the new popup FX for bluff.

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A great LIKE and source of ideas!!! But I think it was done under LSD.
The music reminds me a little of Maggiau, one of the members of this gallery.

vincent, a week ago

Like the idea...the content is troubling at least. Don't get the message or the story. Looks like a weird trip.

Filip, a week ago

Thank you Vincent and Flip. I would say you are both correct, or close to it. I'm always high. LOL
Got legal marijuana here. Did a ton of LSD when I was younger. And there's no real "story" there at all. And I make my own music. Currently I mostly use a Yamaha MODX. Bluff and the music feed off of each other. When bluff comes out with a new bixpack, or effects. I get inspired to make a video. And then I'll need to make some music to go with it. Or sometimes the opposite happens.

Decentralized, a week ago

I found the original show, if anyone wants to mess with it.
The person that gave it away goes by: Roquenublo
Not sure if they are on here anymore.

Decentralized, a week ago

Decentralized, thank you, i believe Roquenublo was known here as Maitegras and is not active here since 7 years :

In any case you can get high at BluffTiler, it's good for your health!

vincent, a week ago

Thank you Vincent. He's made some really amazing stuff. Was just browsing around in the link you left for him. Thank you so much. I got a whole folder full of shows he gave away. I kind of forgot about them,lol. Like this nice Helicopter:

Decentralized, a week ago

Yes, he was a very productive and inventive member, too bad he is no longer active in this community.

vincent, a week ago

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