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michiel | 11 years ago | 21 comments | 2 likes | 8,657 views

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This effect makes the green parts of a picture, video or video capture layer transparent.

You can apply the effect to the active layer by pressing the CHANGE EFFECT... button on the toolbar.

Use the FX properties to fine-tune the effect.

With the FX SPILLAGE SUPPRESSION property you can remove the green fringes around the edges of the model. Other parts of the model that reflect the green are also removed by this effect.

Download media files (1.6 KB)

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Will a BlueScreen FX be forthcoming? ;-)


kf_daddy, 11 years ago

thanks Michiel.
but I have a question
that the difference between this and the chromakey fx?

maitegras, 11 years ago

It's better!

michiel, 11 years ago

I just try it.
and accurate is better.

maitegras, 11 years ago

i have a very basic question, but i found no answer. i just installed the effect "greenbox". really good stuff.

but, how can i use, add more than one effect to a videolayer. i search for the possibility, to change the brightness of a video. is this possible? or
is it basicly possible to use more than one effect on a layer? hope you understand what i mean.
thank you for your support.


mrbernd, 11 years ago

You can change the brightness of the video layer by using the COLOUR property. Hold down the <CONTROL> key when moving the 1st slider to move all 3 sliders at the same time.

Graphics cards can only use a single effect per mesh.

michiel, 11 years ago

How would I be able to acquire the Green Screen FX spillage suppression aspect? Would I need the new Blufftitler program to utilize it? Thanks....


dgk, 11 years ago

Don, you can download the effect from this page: click on the Download Media Files link above.

michiel, 11 years ago

Michiel, thanks for you very prompt reply, but I downloaded this, and the file will not open...

dgk, 11 years ago

I have tried to open the fx file with the Blufftitler program....and Blufftitler opens, but when I go to the fx folders, it is not in there...

dgk, 11 years ago

When you press the CHANGE EFFECT... button a standard Windows file dialog is presented that allows you to select any file from any location on any drive.

If you want you can copy this FX file to the BluffTitler / Media / Effects folder, but this is not necessary. I personally like to keep gallery FXs in a separate folder.

michiel, 11 years ago

Is it possible to adapt this to other background colours?

For example, if I have a picture of a person with a grey background, how could I make the grey background transparent?

IBMedia, 10 years ago

If the picture is static I advise you to use Photoshop or another paint application to turn it into a transparent picture. BluffTitler can import transparent PNG, BMP and TGA files.

Only for videos and realtime video captures (like webcams) using an effect like this GreenScreen.FX makes sense. If you want I can make a bluescreen or a redscreen variant for you, but grey is a bad choice for the colour key.

michiel, 10 years ago

Other options than green would be fantastic.

As you say, for static images, they could be converted to a transparent backround using Photoshop.

But, maybe if I explain a little more why I asked the question, you might be able to make a better suggestion.

I was thinking of situation where you have a video of someone talking to the camera ( head and shoulders) and want to overlay it onto a background.

The video background might not be a green screen - it could potentially be a plain background of any colour - maybe just shot against a plain wall behind the speaker.

Maybe you want to drop them talking into a BixPack Studio.

Is there any easy way to handle that?

IBMedia, 10 years ago

Keying on grey is not recommended. Believe me, green works best. But if you insist, here's a general chroma key effect that can key on any colour:

michiel, 10 years ago


Thanks for thrying to help and for the link. I'll go check it now.

I understand what you say about green, and it's fine to use a green screen background if you have production control of the shooting location ... but ... if a friend wants to just shoot some video of himself ... he's just average Jo Public who doesn't have access to green screen backdrops ... so you just have to make do with whatever colour wall is behind him.

IBMedia, 10 years ago

This is amazing everything works so well and its easy. I worked with 3d max and After effects and this is so much more cost effective.

Ron Holt, 9 years ago

Hi Michiel

I have copied the GreenScree.fx and Chromkey.fx file in the effect folder under media file. But when I browse from BT windows I can't find them there.

For example, I inserted video capture layer and make it as active layer (made the background of my video capture layer green using green wall behind). Then I want to change effect of this active layer to impose the effect of chromakey or Green-Screen effect to have a transparent video capture.

Then I click the change effect from the tool window to browse and select the GreenScreen.fx or Chromakey.fx but unfortunately I do not see the effect files there and only see the pre-existing effects. However, If I browse to the folder through explorer I can see both GreenScreen.fx or Chromakey.fx files along with all other pre-existing effects.

Please advise me any help on it.


Ruhul, 4 years ago

Dear Rahul,
1. simply press F9 there you will select the "select effect" then a dialog box will appear
that is Effects folder of bt... there you select picture folder there you will find both GreenScreen.cfx or Chromakey.cfx ... you can apply them in your desired pic or video.
C:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Effects\Picture..
you are saying "GreenScreen.fx or Chromakey.fx but they are old effects they are now .cfx not .fx .
Note: kindly check your bt version.... you can download latest version from the below link .. current version is BluffTitler 13.4.
simply check this show for Green screen show... this comes with installer shows...
c:\Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\Shows\Picture\

you can download latest version from the link .. current version is BluffTitler 13.4

Hyderabad India.

Dani, 4 years ago

Hello Dani
Thanks for your suggestions. I have been through this lesson that you mentioned, which just work like bullet. Can you suggest me if we can use the effect in the video capture effect, while capturing video with a green background? Please use the following two options in your computer and let me know the result. This might give you a sense of the problem I am facing.

I am using BT-13.4 (Pro) and I tried two ways-

(i) adding video capture layer (green screen behind) and using this effect. This is like a live video on an existing template. Result: failed!
(ii) inserted pre-captured video layer (with green background) in an existing template and use this effect. Result: failed

I have attached a sample video file that I have tried, you can use this one if you want.

Ruhul, 4 years ago

Rahul, Where did you attached the file... our community friends also help you...

Dani, 4 years ago

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