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NextPreviousHome3 seconds of file saved as AVI--HELP!

michelle | 10 years ago | 4 comments | 2,236 views

when I save my file as AVI it is only save 3 seconds of the file how do I change that?

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BT defaults to a 3 second show length. Just because you add a longer avi file, it will not change the length of the show. You have to do it manually.

One way to get to the show duration setting is to press CTRL+L. Then set the show length to however long your avi file is, in seconds.


kf_daddy, 10 years ago

Thank you kf daddy. That worked perfectly. My problem now is that my video stutters. I tried downloading it as a compressed file but it still does it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

michelle, 10 years ago

BT makes very large avi files even using the compressed setting. Many computers cannot buffer the file fast enough to play it smoothly so you get the stuttering.

You are probably going to use the avi as a smaller part of a larger show. Once it gets rendered out to it's final size the stuttering should go away. You might want to do a test of a smaller section of the video just to test it out.


kf_daddy, 10 years ago

That WORKS!!! Thank you so much kf daddy. I was afraid to safe the project before the stuttering stops but after saving as you instructed it worked. Thanks again so much. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM

michelle, 10 years ago

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