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jeff | 15 years ago | 2 comments | 6 likes | 4,668 views

michiel, Jenny and Tester like this!

I based this off of one of Michiel's templates and used it to build a movie intro for my daughter's spring soccer. The sound was originally put into the NLE prog, but to keep things together, I created a separate MP3 file and included it in the zip archive.
If you open BT file and the Mp3 file is not attached, then add an audio layer and select the Mp3 file manually.

Download media files (211.4 KB)

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Don't worry about the audio layer. Since you placed the MP3 file next to the .BT show file, BluffTitler had no problems finding it.

Really like the bouncer effect of layer 6. The transparent PNG file also works great!

michiel, 15 years ago

Uhh... This thing has the THX Intro in it.

J.Lyric, 9 years ago

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