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Xenofex2 | a month ago | 6 comments | 148 views

Apologies for what is probably a very basic question.

I am using Bix Pack 41 and would like, on Screenshot 1 to ‘either replace the white box or insert onto it my own image’. Screenshot 2 shows that I have gone to ‘Edit / Change All Textures’ and assume that it must be the bottom Layer shown, Layer 12, ‘E:\George Folder on E\92 - Documents on E Folder\Bluff Titler Bix Packs\BixPack41\Textures\White.png’. However if I change that link for one showing my Image, whilst it does change the small Image in this Edit Box, nothing happens in the actual Show. (Appears I cannot add a screenshot?)

No doubt something simple but would appreciate some help, please.

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Screenshot now attached

Xenofex2, a month ago

Choose layer 7 and change the texture there.

A trick to quickly choose the layer you're looking for is to double-click on the graphic you want to change.

PiPPi, a month ago

Thankyou for the reply. Unfortunately I am still struggling. If I select 'Change All Textures', then to be able to actually change Layer 7 for one of my own image does not seem to be an option.

Layer 7 shows if I select 'Change All Vectors' but then not only am I unsure if is this what I should be doing, but I did look, and was unable to see a jpeg image anyway.

PS - Thankyou though for the tip to be able to choose the right layer.

Xenofex2, a month ago

To add a texture to layer 7:
-select layer 7 with the big dropdown above the PLAY button
-click on the SELECT TEXTURE.. button and select your picture
-click OK

Now layer 7 is visible in the EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTURES... dialog.

michiel, a month ago

You also might want to switch from SOLID to FLAT with the 3rd dropdown in the bottom left of the tool window.

michiel, a month ago

Thankyou. Finally got there, and have checked my understanding by changing the image twice.

Thankyou Again.

Xenofex2, a month ago

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