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kugo | 10 years ago | 6 comments | 2,607 views


#1 - Can BT open show/playlist files in LOOPING & FULLSCREEN mode automatically without having to do this manually each time? I would like to have shows/playlists open in looping, fullscreen mode by double clicking the files. I can not get the program to do this automatically. Some files will not even start playing automatically and haven't found a way to force them to start in loop mode at all much less in fullscreen mode.

#2 - Can BT open show/playlist files over the current window playing? I would like to run files and NOT have them open in a new window for each time? When I run shows/playlists by launching them automatically with a 3rd party file scheduler utility, I need to run them inside the current window rather than it creating new instances of BT for each time a show/playlist is launced by double clicking.
Again they need to be fullscreen and looping be default.

#3 - Can BT be configured to run a playlist at startup? I tried to put a .btpl file in the startup folder but it doesn't play upon BT startup. Oonly .bt shows will run automatically.

#1 - An option for BT to start up shows and playlists in fullscreen and looping mode.
#2 - An option to have playlists and shows open in the current window only. (When launching from OS)
#3 - The support for "playlists" to to open automatically (upon startup) from the startup folder. Only shows will do this for me.

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kugo, the command line options will make you happy. With a bit of coding you can create the system you want:

michiel, 10 years ago

I'm very happy to see command line options are available for those who know how to code but, not everyone knows how to write "a bit of code". Specifically the video production types like myself. These are fundamental features that allow users to control how video appears and are a basic necessity. Users need a basic turn-key vehicle with cruise-control! Remote control is great, but shouldn't we start with controlling itself locally without having to engineer our own code for simple things that would be better built into the application for all to have.

I was going to ask you to write a small tutorial or at least a detailed step by step guide in this thread explaining the process in detail, since there is not much on the website explaining the process. That would be extremely helpful, but after reading this;
I changed my mind with discouragement. It would take me months to learn enough code/terms to have a conversation with someone about it. These seem like very simple additions to your program that many people should find useful:

Once Again;
1 - Option to play in Fullscreen/Loop Mode automatically when launched from OS,
2 - Option to open in Parent Window when launched from OS (also in Fullscreen/Loop Mode), and
3 - Allow .btpl files to work in the startup folder. (also in Fullscreen/Loop Mode)

These are very basic features to operate your software for Digital Signage, VJ, & Info Channel applications. If you want to market your product as a digital signage solution, (it appears you do) it needs to have the fundamental basic controls and not force the user to come up with custom scripts or else babysit the software to change out playlists.

Once these changes took place, one could use a 3rd party scheduler such as to execute specific shows/playlists at certain times of the day, days of the week, etc. (No need to write a playlist scheduling interface, which would be awesome too)

Having the command line options available to everyone is great for those with the knowledge, but not always the solution for the masses.

Please let me know if this is likely to add these features in the future, until then I'm out of service with this or searching for another solution. Anyone know how to code this stuff?

kugo, 10 years ago

The command line options are meant for companies who would like to integrate BT into their own DS player. I'm not exaggerating in saying that you only require "a bit of code". The functionality and building blocks are there. But indeed you have to be a software engineer to be able to do that. Maybe if your budget allows you could consider hiring a freelance engineer to build the system for you.

Your advscheduler link is an interesting one. Maybe a few batch files could be enough. I guess there will be ugly flashes between the shows/playlists but I have seen users solving this kind of problems by using black desktop backgrounds.

We would love to build a system that enables non-engineers to build their own custom DS applications. This won't be integrated into BT, but rather a system build on top of it. Preferably web based.

So yes these features will be implemented in the future. As are thousands of other feature requests... Lack of inspiration is not exactly our problem =)

So in short, the practical answer is: these features will be added but not in the near future.

michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you for more direction michiel, I will be delighted to see these features added in the future and the idea for a non-engineer based system for total custom control is a very nice idea. As long as all content remains on local machines and not to rely on web connection 100% for DS design/operation.

Until then I will seek help to find a way to control your awesome graphics engine. I'm not so worried about the black flashes though as they will probably only appear once or twice a day at the most and can occur in the sleeping hours. Definitely black desktop backgrounds and power reboot issues, splash screens, mouse cursor, etc. to be solved.

Someone recently mentioned using "AutoPlay Media Studio" but I'm not sure if this is the approach for this either. Their software claims to allow non-programmers to create apps that would normally require extensive knowledge in C++, etc.

If/when I come up with a solution. I will surely post my experience and try to contribute back to this community with my findings. If anyone has any code snippets they would like to share as real world examples, (explaining certain lines/values) it sure would help to gain a better understanding.

I have been reading through the page with C++, C#, & VB scripts:
What do you do with code once one writes it?
Does it have to be compiled and then run as an executable manually? Where does this code then run from? Can you post a brief overall pipeline process example so I can better explain it to a software engineer how to implement this code?

Thank you for your patience, responses and most of all, your brilliant graphics engine. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

kugo, 10 years ago

You need a compiler and a linker to turn the source code into an executable. We are using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Please understand that software engineering is a complex task that takes years to master. It's impossible to teach you this with a few comments in this gallery.

michiel, 10 years ago

I understand. It's what I was afraid of. That's why I was hoping that you could add these features fairly easily (for us non-software engineers) and just add it to the general options as a check box. Starting to loop myself now:)
Please do this if/when you can in the future!!!!

kugo, 10 years ago

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