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mrbernd | 10 years ago | 3 comments | 1,937 views


is there allready an earthquake effect anywhere?

i search an effect wich i can use for the cameralayer, which will give the complete show, for a short time, virations like a earthquake or a big stomp. so when an elefant walk behind the camera.



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How about quickly keying the Y axis Updown in time with the elephant stomp? Or add a little quick Xy axis for an earthquake.

Just a thought.

Vanlen, 10 years ago

yes, thats right, but i want to use this "effect" more than one time. so it would be a little time expensive.
was just an idea. no problem.

mrbernd, 10 years ago

In my effects folder under animation I have effects called MrsWiggle.fx and bubbler.fx. Playing with the 3 sliders I was able to create an effect that could (IMHO) simulate an earthquake. I used a jpg, ...X model and an animated gif on the camera layer keyframed it so everything shook for about 1 1/2 seconds of a 3 sec. scene
Couldn't hurt to check them out

mufasaxx, 10 years ago

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