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sven | 5 days ago | 3 comments | 113 views

I have a question about Vector files.
I edited a logo with the program Vector Magic.
I saved inside and outside as vector.
In the picture number 1 in white and number 2 in green.
I open both Vector files and set them to Flat.
Unfortunately, the two are not really on top of each other.
To be seen in the middle.

What am I doing wrong?
I haven't changed anything about the sizes.

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sven, 5 days ago

Vector drawings are centred and normalized in size. This way they are never too small, never too big and it's easier replacing them in a template.

But in this case, when you want to combine 2 vectors it's not what you want. I'm afraid you will have to move and scale a bit to make them match.

But why don't you use a 3D style, like SOLID or ROUND BEVEL? In this screenshot I have used the Text\3Colours effect to make the sides green.

michiel, 5 days ago

But it looks very nice. Did you draw it yourself?

Filip, 5 days ago

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