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I don't like this resolution, but I made a video anyway, only because Bix loves him πŸ˜‰

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A UFO, a text, 3 aliens and millions of stars united by glowing cyan!

michiel, 2 months ago

I like it. See it as a new challenge!

Filip, 2 months ago

Thank you Michiel and Filip!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Nice job. I'm not a fan of working with such a small screen myself. But like Filip says, I love the challenge.

Decentralized, 2 months ago

Thank you Decentralized, I won't make more videos like this, I'll leave the task to others πŸ˜€

LostBoyz, 2 months ago


chaver, 2 months ago

As always LB, well done! And I agree, I don't really like this format because I like wide open spaces too much! While all you have to do is turn your smartphone 90°!
But it's fashion! and we are obliged to follow... the lack of common sense!

Alex-Raymond T., 2 months ago

Thank you chaver and Alex-Raymond T. !This fashion will also end someday. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
I hope it will be a fast fashion 😁

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Simply fantastic ! I don't like shorts too especially when you look at them on a 16/9 screen but this one is an exception.

vincent, 2 months ago

Thank you vincent!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Love the parrallax effect with the stars - great animation with the aliens..

JohnatSkillsloft, 2 months ago

Thank you JohnatSkillsloft!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

What a super animation with the aliens, LB!

Ulli, 2 months ago

Thank you Ulli!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Great 3D effect. Love the whole story unfolding. The aliens are too funny!

Thor5ten, 2 months ago

Thank you Thor5ten!

LostBoyz, a month ago

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