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Walk on an exoplanet

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Great Vincent.

chaver, 9 months ago

Oh he's so alone. I pity him!

Filip, 9 months ago

Great Vincent.

liuyongcai, 9 months ago

Very NICE show vincent!

LostBoyz, 9 months ago

Wonderful dreamy atmosphere!

The specular highlights are very smooth, as if the suit is covered by a liquid. Is this the material from the model or have you adjusted it in BluffTitler with the FX ROUGHNESS, METALNESS prop?

michiel, 9 months ago

Thank you all.
Yes michiel, on astronaut model I set:
- Roughness = 0.1
- Metalness = 0.27
- other settings = Default values

vincent, 9 months ago

Now that is a walk on the wild side. Nicely done, Vincent.

Decentralized, 9 months ago

Thank you Decentralized.

vincent, 9 months ago

It looks like a real video on an Exoplanet.

Ulli, 9 months ago

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