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I would love to see downloadable 3D models that we can use in our own creations. Any chance that you will produce some? Alternatively, can anyone suggest a source for such models. I would particularly like a rotating globe.

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With a bit of googling you can find lots of 3D models on the internet. And with a tool like AccuTrans 3D you can convert them to the .X format.

Here's a link to the AccuTrans 3D software.

michiel, 14 years ago

So many times I have seen formats like .LWO that I cannot convert with any of my 3D software applications. This utility can handle it. I do not need it now, but I will make a mental note of this thread so I can find the link next time I see a nice .LWO model that I would like to use. Thanks.

Thomasco, 14 years ago

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