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virgith | 10 years ago | 3 comments | 2,766 views

Hi everyone
I'm trying make a sample text on a trasparent and not colored background, for use this with vegas, but how I can make for have a transparent background ?

And I write in the option dvd Pal Widescreen, but the format that I see and the result that I import in Vegas is 4:3 and not 16:9, where I mistake ?

Thank to everyone for your help to a dummy

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For transparent text, use the black background. In BT, Export as Movie, choose "Uncompressed AVI with Transparency".
Bring the video into Vegas. Right Click, Properties, choose Media, then look for Alpha Channel, click the drop down menu,
choose Straight Unmatted.

Make sure in BT, choose show resolution to 640x360 16:9

bylaw, 10 years ago

thanks for your fast reply
but I need make the contrary, a golden text on a transparent background, so when I import it in Vegas I'll see my text fly on my film

Actually I've got a black background, but when I import it in Vegas it cover my film, so I can see my text on a black background, not on my film

virgith, 10 years ago

Vegas does not automatically recognize the alpha (transparency) channel in the AVI files. When you right-click on the clip in Vegas and choose Properties you can set the Alpha Channel. In Vegas, there are 3 choices for how to handle alpha channels:

Straight (unmatted)

bylaw, 10 years ago

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