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hi michiel,

whats about the idea, to add some libraries, for example:
a effect gallery. all effects are included in this librarie and when i go with the mouse over this effect, i can see what this effect will do. hope you understand what i mean.

for the users like me, who are not so often work with blufftitler it become more and more difficult to remember how the effects work.

i think blufftitler would become more comfortable

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Yes, it's a good idea.

Bragina, 9 years ago

Have you already played around with the image browser?

You can find it here:

michiel, 9 years ago

yes i did, but this is not what i mean. blufftitler becomes more and more a programm which is only useable by profis.
users like me, im an amateur, are not able to remember all the effets and what this effects are able to do. so it would be good if a librarie shows what an effect can do.

sorry, my english is not good enough, to explain exactly what i mean.

mrbernd, 9 years ago

This is not exactly what you asked for but it may help. The link is to the effects page in the User Guide. There is a small picture and a few words explaining several of the effects.

dvsprite, 9 years ago

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