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Louis1 | 10 years ago | 3 comments | 3,448 views

Ive got blender, but thing is, i want a tardis. And with the version ive got, its impossible to follow tutorials off youtube. PLEASE HELP!

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Have you tried the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse? Search on tardis and a bunch comes up. Whether they are compatible with Blender and/or BT I couldn't say.


kf_daddy, 10 years ago

Joseburgos has published an excellent Tardis model in this gallery:

michiel, 10 years ago

Pour mes modeles 3D j'utilise Google SketchUp 7 et le plugin d'export directx 3D Rad gratuit disponible sur le lien, j'utilise aussi les modeles disponibles dans la banque 3D dans sketchup

adrien60, 10 years ago

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