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maitegras | 10 years ago | 16 comments | 5 likes | 31,817 views

liuyongcai, Dani, bylaw and 2 others like this!

Greetings friends, these days I have fun creating a single file where I stayed almost all the projects that I offer for free on this website, the reason is that some people are using these projects in other locations for your benefit, so if free for all is free for all, period.
So if we now ask you if you can hang the same links on other sites so others can download it for free I thank you, in this way prevents anyone from claiming benefits for them.

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TWO THUMBS UP! There's a lot of work there. Thanks for sharing!!!

BillyJack, 10 years ago

Maitegras, very generous thing to do. Thanks there's lots of techniques to check out! Dave

DaveH, 10 years ago

Muchos gracias amigo.

Willie, 10 years ago

OK I guess I wasted my money on this. I see no bluff titler files on here. What am I doing wrong?

kismet44, 10 years ago

what is this? i'm confused...

xlogold, 10 years ago

I thought it was a link to some free titler templates. However all I got was a page where you could pay for free access for certain amounts of time. Seemed fair enough to me but after paying for 6 months of access I have seen no bluff titler templates at all. I am confused also xlogold. And a little broker than before :)

kismet44, 10 years ago

I thought the same thing....interesting, sorry about that you paid for something only to find out it was not what you thought it would be.

xlogold, 10 years ago

sorry, I had not seen these responses.
no need to pay anything to download the file.
the file if it exists, check this out.
when clik on the link, you have to choose (free download)
then wait 60 seconds
A small window appears (download now) click and download the file.
I feel this tremendous error

maitegras, 10 years ago

Merci Maitegras. The best gift of the year. Lots and lots of things to study. This will held me busy for months, perhaps for years! This will be a great leap in my Bluff Titler skills.
Many, many thanks for your generosity.

asterix, 10 years ago and - it is most common free file sharing. Need to read what is written on the buttons in order to avoid mistakes.



Bragina, 10 years ago

Thank you all so much for your help. I have to say Bragina, I did read the buttons, but apparently I am too old and feeble to get it the first 100 times! I admire the work that all of you do here and are so kind to share and inspire those of us that are not quite as talented!

kismet44, 10 years ago

At the risk of feeling even dumber than I already do I have one more question. I was able to download and unzip the files but for whatever reason I keep getting an error message saying the computer is unable to open any of the files. This is on both my computers. I then tried opening them from inside the Bluff program and got the same result. What can I possibly be doing wrong?
Thanks so much for everyone's patience.

kismet44, 10 years ago

link doesn't work.... at least not for me.

Storm331, 10 years ago

Maitegras,you could put those file in the blufftitler gallery for all to use as u want us for free.this link is full of porn,download take at least an hour,lets hope it work and it's different from what we already have in the gallery.

rolbus, 10 years ago

BT I can assure you that these are different from the gallery.
you can place the files in the gallery if you want

maitegras, 10 years ago

some work done with these shows from other users

maitegras, 9 years ago

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