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NextPreviousHomeSet Show Duration - Menu Buttons Grayed Out

Bob W. | 9 years ago | 4 comments | 1,968 views

I am trying to add some time to teh beginning of my clip.

I selected the "Set Show Duration" icon and a menu pops up but all the option bars in the menu are grayed-out.

What do you have to do to activate the menu options under the Set Show Duration icon? I wanted to select the option "Add To Beginning", but it is grayed-out.

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Bob, you need to change from the default 3 seconds to the time you want - then all the buttons will be enabled.


DaveH, 9 years ago

The time has previously been set to 12 seconds. That is the duration of the clip right now. The menu options are still grayed-out.

Bob W., 9 years ago

You must change the time before the menu items are enabled so change from 12 to 20 (or less) and the menu options will be enabled.


DaveH, 9 years ago

Ok, I understand now. The options are activated when doing it that way.


Bob W., 9 years ago

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