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A simple animation that demonstrates what you can do with masking.

If you want to use a text layer as a mask through which you can see a background picture perform the following steps:

1) create a new text layer with the menu item LAYER / ADD TEXT LAYER
2) press F9
3) press the SELECT PICTURE button and choose a nice background picture
4) press the SELECT EFFECT BUTTON in the same dialog and choose Masked.fx
5) press the OK button

Now drag the text layer (by moving your mouse with the left or right button pressed in the 3D render window) to see the effect in action!

Download media files (640 bytes)

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Now I know what to use that effect for! But I can't figure out how you reduced the opacity of the mask towards the end of the show.....

DaDa, 15 years ago

By setting the COLOUR property to black (0,0,0) it effectively sets the opacity to 0.

Remember that the properties that are being animated have a plus symbol (+) behind their names in the properties dropdown. Using this info it's easy to see that that layer 5 only animates the TEXT POSITION and COLOUR properties.

michiel, 15 years ago

I think I know about the pluses (+), but when playing around with the various keyframed properties I could not change or reproduce the transparency effect. See article "MaskingColor" that I will post shortly....

I modified your settings and added a border to the text so you can see what happens to the text when the color changes from black to white at the end.

DaDa, 15 years ago

Michiel, any response?

DaDa, 15 years ago

By animating the colour from white to black it only looks like you're animating the transparency. This trick only works for the colour black: it's not possible to make any other colour "non-transparent".

If you want I can write an effect file for you that can animate towards any colour.

michiel, 15 years ago

Maybe I missed something, Michiel. I understand what you are saying, but I can't replicate it.

Did you look at the "MaskingColor" show that I made based on your "Masking" show? At the end, I change the colors from green to black to white. However I change the color sliders, the transparency of the mask doesn't change, only the text color.

DaDa, 15 years ago

Misschien dat je de ogen van het masker verwart met het masker zelf. Layer 4 (achtergrond plaatje) is het masker en layer 5 (de tekst) zijn de ogen. De transparency property van layer 4 (het masker) wordt inderdaad geanimeerd.

Is dat het of haal ik nu de boel door elkaar?

michiel, 15 years ago

of de taal ;)

michiel, 15 years ago

I don't know who is confusing things here: I don't understand how you have achieved the transparency of the mask at the end of the show and I would like to know how it is achieved.

Could you please take a close look at the MaskingColor show, especially at the end where I changed the color settings. It doesn't seem to affect the transparency of the mask at all; only the transparency of the text (eye) when the color is set to white.

DaDa, 15 years ago

I still think the answer to your question is the TRANSPARENCY property of layer 4.

michiel, 15 years ago

Now I got it: I was looking down the wrong alley...

DaDa, 15 years ago

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