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gimme | 15 years ago | 8 comments | 6 likes | 5,613 views

Thomasco, michiel, rsp and 2 others like this!

This is an intro I put together last year for DVDs that I create. In its full glory, the intro consists of a vintage footage nuclear blast behind the first file (Nuclear Productions Blast.BT), followed by the second file (Nuclear Fall.BT) against a simple black background.

Note: It is important to render the second file to get the full effect of the particles and the audio together (my computer can't handle it so well, at least).

Yes, the Fall file was created one character at a time, but BluffTitler's abilities to copy/paste keyframes and layers on the fly, as well as select a keyframe on one layer and move to a different layer with no change to the timeline selection made this a painless exercise by the end.

The font you need to really make this shine is Ray Larabie's Mob Concrete, which you can find by selecting the link.

Download media files (195.6 KB)

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Here is an alternate website hosting the Ray's Mob Concrete font.

gimme, 15 years ago

Oops, forgot the Alan Den font is also needed for the Fall file, though it is less important than the other one for good looks. Here is a link for the font.

gimme, 15 years ago

I could not figure out how to download from the "myfonts" site. I found it as font 198 on this page Alan Den is font 89 on this page This is one of my favorite free font sites because you get the overview pages for each letter and also there is a themed fonts page. Very excellent for browsing.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

Just watched it. I don't really like the "shatter" effect (gets overused). I like the Blast show better. Good font selection and wonderful letters -- nice bevel and color and also shiny metal on the sides.

Thomasco, 15 years ago

Great animation! Really enjoyed watching the big explosion at the end!!!

I've noticed you've used a textlayer for every character. It's great to see you're not afraid using a lot of layers, but
maybe it's possible to create the same effect with only a single text layer and animating the JUMBLE property. It won't give you the same amount of control, but it will save you a lot of time.

michiel, 15 years ago

I like the dropping letters and the fire to steam is done very well.

But like Thomasco I'm not too sure about the explosion and the blast sound effects.

DeanO, 15 years ago

It would be nice if Bluff could add dither to the edges of explosions. I can never see using that effect because it looks too jaggie. I suppose there's a reason for it, but I also wish the bits were not just triangles. Not very realistic.

JimH, 15 years ago

Well I won't criticize because I enjoyed this example. Loved the sound effects to go along with it. This animation has punch!

jeff, 15 years ago

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