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NextPreviousHomeHow about defineable shortcutkeys?

Per | 7 years ago | 2 comments | 1,413 views

When you activate an input field in Windows and press ctrl-a it selected ALL - I'm generally used to that, but when I select an number input field in BT and hit ctrl-a instead of windows selecting all the content from the field BT instead opens the "change all texts" dialog.

Would be handy if we could specify different keys.

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I agree - almost.

I"m also used to using Ctrl A for "Select All" - and also Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl X

Everything of the above except Ctrl A is mapped according to Windows conventions.

Maybe the "change all textures" could be remapped to Alt B - which would sort of fit with the Alt A for "change all images"

IBMedia, 7 years ago

Or perhaps the program could just follow conventions: You don't send control commands to a something else when an input field has a focus.
For instance in Notepad, ctrl-p starts printing if you are in the editor, but if you open for instance the search box ctrl-p doesn't do anything.

I'm fine by alt b :)

Per, 7 years ago

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