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NextPreviousHomeUsing Bluff as a 2D production tool

jeffo | 8 years ago | 1 comment | 9 likes | 1,931 views

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I thought I would post this to help people new to Bluff see it as a tool in a production that can use other elements, such as professional talent green screen, additional text overlays, etc.

Talent was shot on green screen, but I ended up having to do multiple layers and build a keyed a roll because her blonde hair was so hard to key - I kept having edges. So I had to do wipes in Sony Vegas on keyed a rolls, using keyed video that made her hair look right overlayed over key b rolls that made her body look right.

Once I had those elements built, I then brought that into Bluff as a background video and added additional video clips, text, and camera movements in Bluff. To make it a bit easier to build, I did it in four separate Bluff segments. A couple of times I did exceed what my computer's RAM could handle in Bluff.

Because of the amount of data going through Bluff, each of the four segments took about 2 -3 hours to render out. I then took the rendered segments, edited them together in Sony Vegas Pro 11, adding final overlays and a music mix.

This video was actually created to mimic something that had been created by a much more expensive solution that the client had seen in another ad. I thought this might be worth sharing so that if anyone has a similar need, Bluff can make 2D look as good as the more expensive solutions out there.

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Very nice real world example!

Thanks for sharing

Vanlen, 8 years ago

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