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EDW | 8 years ago | 4 comments | 2,275 views

I have ordered BixPack 2 and BixPack 10.
BixPack 2 uses the following font:
PF DinText Pro Medium
I can not download the font because it is a payed font.
How can I get this font ?

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You don't HAVE to use any particular can simply allow BT to default to another font. Or, you can select a different font that closely resembles PF DinText, or one that is more pleasing to your eye.

jmarkt, 8 years ago

Oke, thanks.

EDW, 8 years ago

For this reason all templates of BixPack 2 also have a version that uses the Arial font, for example: uses the expensive font

and uses the standard Windows font Arial.

michiel, 8 years ago

Also thanks to Michiel

EDW, 8 years ago

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