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NextPreviousHomeContainers nested method to do the Rubik's Cube

liuyongcai | 7 years ago | 19 comments | 8 likes | 6,032 views

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Cube container nested do rotten wood teacher, shepherd, drift bottles teacher creativity.

Download media files (196.1 KB)

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well done. you have done an amazing job, 208 layers to create the Rubik's Cube.

maitegras, 7 years ago

Hello liuyongcai, have you a link to download Rubik's cube font ?

vincent, 7 years ago

vincent, the font file is housed within the project, you must install

maitegras, 7 years ago

liuyongcai, have you created this font yourself?

michiel, 7 years ago

The hobby BT software.
I made the font package
Thank you for your encouragement!

liuyongcai, 7 years ago

Great implementation of a Rubk's Cube, but the title says "Containers nested method", so I was expecting to see containers inside other containers, but the containers just seem to contain Sketch layers and Text layers.

I was expecting to learn a new technique from this, but all I see is normal conatiner usage. Have I missed something?

@liuyoncai, I am not trying to criticise you. I think you have created a GREAT show, but I just expected something else when I read the title.

IBMedia, 7 years ago

IBMedia you not to set well, liuyoncai has shown that there is the only way to introduce 6 images within a cube and that is not a container.
But I only see the problem, does not bring Sketch tool (center of rotation)
if in the future have Sketch (center of rotation)
Then we could introduce 27 Sketch inside a container and form a complete cube within a single container.
the idea that had liuyoncai, is perfect.
Michiel just need to add this tool to the Sketch (center of rotation).
But while we must be content to do with textured models from cinema 4d

maitegras, 7 years ago

Hi Maitegras,

I am not trying to criticise liuyoncai. He has done a great job in creating this technique and this show. I like what he has done.

I am just saying that it is not "nested containers". In other words, it is not containers inside another container.

When I saw the title, I thought that it would show me how to put a container inside another container.

Also, I did not mean to start an argument about this. Arguing will just remove focus from the great show that liuyoncai has created, and I don't want to do that.

@liuyoncai, sorry, I didn't intend to cause an argument. You made a GREAT SHOW.

IBMedia, 7 years ago

Thanks Maitegras, i didn't remember there was a font folder in the shows packages.

vincent, 7 years ago

I did not explained well.
In this show if it is possible to get several containers within another container, but these containers are called sketch.
you can add to a sketch all (models / images / lyrics / eps) you want and rotate all with each layer sketch.
within a container can enter multiple sketch and within each sketch can introduce several things.
in this case the sketch layer, makes the role of sub-container.
in the show that liuyoncai, demonstrated in this post, does not come in this way, because the sketch layer does not come with the tool (center of rotation)
to why the had to use several layers of containers.
I do not say that you are criticizing liuyoncai work, I'm just explaining the advantages of the sketch layer.
but if Michiel add the tool (center of rotation) to the sketch layer, I would be happy to make an example of this potential

maitegras, 7 years ago

Container nested "," method ", grass layers bound text" method "mock container nested. , The center of rotation of the sketch layer and container nesting (Michelle) completed.

liuyongcai, 7 years ago

"In this show if it is possible to get several containers within another container, but these containers are called sketch."

"in this case the sketch layer, makes the role of sub-container."

Aha, that's the point that I was missing.

AWESOME - now that IS a really excellent new technique.

Many thanks to liuyongcai for creating it, and to Maitegras for explaining.

IBMedia, 7 years ago

Yes, this show contains some clever tips...Thanks to liuyongcai.
Attach a container to an other container (limited to only one sub level is enough) and to have a container rotation center parameter would be GREAT!

vincent, 7 years ago

Vincent ´╝îmaitegras IBMedia sinus300 LostBoyz, Michelle. Thank you!

liuyongcai, 7 years ago

Hi. Great job liuyongcai.
I have a problem. When I replace the image files 1.jog to 6.jpg they always clipped when displayed in the facets of the cubes. This happens even if I create a completely square image. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I wasn't sure if this was the same point that maitegras was making about centre of rotation.

Thanks for an excellent show.

George, 7 years ago

I think this show expects 4:3 pictures and only uses the centre squares. So for example if your picture has a resolution of 400 x 300 pixels it only uses the 300 x 300 pixels in the centre and ignores the 50 pixels to the left and the 50 pixels to the right. (50+300+50=400)

Cropping this picture to 300 x 300 would not help because in this case it would only use the centre 225 x 300 area.

michiel, 7 years ago

Thanks michiel. I'll experiment on that basis.

George, 7 years ago

Actually, thinking about it, it's always the right hand side of my pictures that are clipped. The full height of the picture is always reproduced so it must be using the leftmost squares.

George, 7 years ago

That makes sense because the upper left corner has texture coordinate (0,0). I noticed that liuyongcai does clever things with the TEXTURE POSITION and TEXTURE SIZE properties.

michiel, 7 years ago

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