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virtualflavius | 13 years ago | 1 like | 4,063 views

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Thanks to the help of my friend Shahaf Gal and Michiel from outerspace-software Hebrew is now fully supported in Blufftitler.

The following example is based on one of Bluff's dynamic content examples and shows how to set up your show to properly display Hebrew. When I say "properly", I mean the text scrolls in the right direction, it is read and displayed in RTL reading order, like in text fields, and Unicode can be used as well.

When setting up your show to display Hebrew, there are some issues you have to deal with:
1. Font - some fonts, such as Arial Black, don't display Hebrew properly. Try using Arial instead or any other font that supports Hebrew. Use F6 to modify font properties on the current layer.
2. Encoding - text you type manually into Bluff should be in Unicode encoding while text that arrives from external sources, such as RSS feeds should be in Hebrew or UTF-8 encoding, depending on the source of the RSS feed. In this example, the feed comes from, which uses Hebrew encdoing, so all dynamic layers are in Hebrew encoding.
3. Reading order - if your text is Hebrew, or mixed Hebrew with other languages, use Right to Left reading order. This will make sure your text is displayed in the right order.

All of the above are settings in the Font dialog box.

4. Scrolling direction - Scrollers are great for dynamic text, but the default direction is built with Latin languages in mind, so if you want the scroller to go in the right direction, set the "Scroll Speed" property on the scroller layer to a negative value and voila! you got it going the other way.

Again, thanks to Shahaf and Michiel for making this possible.


Download media files (20.6 KB)

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