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maitegras | 7 years ago | 12 comments | 13 likes | 2,639 views

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animation in BluffTitler

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Very, very good, maitegras...but poor Bix!!! :>)

jmarkt, 7 years ago

I'm impressed. Very clever and very funny!!!

I was planning to create an EZ.FX to animate our new friend, but clearly you've already found a way to do that.

michiel, 7 years ago

to make the animation, I have introduced EZ in cinema 4d. order to make different parts.
but I would appreciate very much a fx. for BIX.
I tried to do BIX modification in cinema 4d, but without success.
not the same one piece mechanics, a flexible piece (Bix).
something like a bender would be ideal. but with one tool for each limb.
leave here this work for those who want to analyze
Thanks for the comments

maitegras, 7 years ago

amazing work !!!Maitegras, thank you for sharing.

Dani, 7 years ago

thank you maitegras, its cool show

julio solano, 7 years ago

Great and fantastic MAESTRO, thanks for sharing something new.

Jesus, 7 years ago


LostBoyz, 7 years ago

Thank you Maitegras.

At least sharing this show, anybody can see and understand how you develop your skills with Blufftitler. It helps!

Is not just a good work, but a good example too.

snafu, 7 years ago

Great video!

Michiel, maybe Laplacian deformation would be a nice solution for BT character animation:

Sevensheaven, 7 years ago

como ya te dije, la mascota esta muy buena pero la animación que creaste es extraordinaria. Gracias por compartir.

persiana, 7 years ago

That is just .... MEGA AWESOME!!

IBMedia, 7 years ago

It is so funny!

Ulli, 7 years ago

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