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I come back just to share with you an old BT show I made, because someone recently asked me to give him the files. So i Share my show with you too!

I hope you will enjoy, and improve this countdown. ;)


Download media files (443.9 KB)

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if there is a problem with fonts, you can download them here:

sebouze, 7 years ago

Hello, can you upload your old project again. is not live any more. Thanks

ID Production, 7 years ago

Very nice show. I was surprised how good it looks when played in realtime by BluffTitler. Beautiful subtle effects and textures. Sometimes the YouTube video does not do justice to the quality of the show.

michiel, 7 years ago

Well done!!! sebouze. i like your style.

Dani, 7 years ago

here is a different render with a different DDS file with a "reflective floor-cubeDDS- additive" effect applied to the picture layers.

PS: Frame, I will try to find my old files for the "grid " show and post them on the gallery.

sebouze, 7 years ago

sorry but the zip file of the" perforated grid show" is to heavy to upnload it on the gallery.
Do you know where I can upload it?

sebouze, 7 years ago

You can upload on and provide us with the link of download. BR

ID Production, 7 years ago

here is the link to download the "perforated grid"
the font is Ethnocentric ;

sebouze, 7 years ago

Thank you very much!!! Merry Christmas!!!

ID Production, 7 years ago

Nice show, thanks for sharing.

vincent, 7 years ago

muy bueno el espectaculo, Sebouce

persiana, 7 years ago

Very nice.

Thank you very much for sharing your work and the actual files.


PiPPi, 7 years ago

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