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NextPreviousHomeRequest: Particle Deflector Assign to Object

Changa | 7 years ago | 6 comments | 1,411 views

I would like to request a feature that will reflect particle emitter and could be applied to a picture/text layer or position to a layer with 3d depth.

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Do you mean like the link below?

komies, 7 years ago


Changa, 7 years ago

This requires a physics engine that BluffTitler does not yet feature.

komies, 7 years ago

Ok, but what if you can solve this differently?
Can you create a deflector only for a particle layer, and not for an object?
Let's say, a deflector will be a flat rectangle with x,y (not z) that will reverse or effect the gravity, speed and motion of a particle emmiter?

Changa, 7 years ago

If physics engine feature in BLUFFTITELR, we can do wonderful shows.Let's have hope in future.

Dani, 7 years ago

Gracias esta bueno el show muy inspirador.

Obstinat, 7 years ago

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