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misterbrains | 7 years ago | 5 comments | 1,523 views

First- great job on 11! I'm earning with it now. 8)
While doing vertical signage for a tradeshow I keep wishing the toolbar had an option for vertical layout. Am I missing something obvious or maybe there's something smarter?
Thank you.

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Hi misterbrains,

Not quite sure of the question......Did you mean for the content (i.e text) or are you talking about the toolbar itself? When you say vertical layout, I'm assuming you're talking about the long portrait format screens?

You could always use a dual monitor I guess and drop the toolbar on it, if it is screen real estate that you need?



Pixelpanther, 7 years ago

misterbrains, have you tried reducing your view percentage? Let's say you wanted the resolution 200 X 10,000. Click on "Set Show Resolution" and lower your view to let's say 25%. You see it at 50 X 2,500, but it'll render at 200 X 10,000. Not the same a having a vertical tool bar which I understand the desire for, but will allow you to see the entire show. Other option people don't know or sometimes forget, you can grab the side of the tool window and shrink it. Some of the shortcut icons vanish, but it does free up about half of the screen.

BillyJack, 7 years ago

I have never seen a vertical timeline in a video editor. Has it ever been tried? Should the time run from top to bottom or bottom to top?

michiel, 7 years ago

Technically, as humans scan from left to right (or in some far east countries right to left) a vertical timeline would be very hard to adapt to.

In fact, I believe it is one of the reasons displays scan left to right then down as it is coherent with a human's vision.

Bix of course is an Alien, and he can probably scan in all the same time! ;)

Pixelpanther, 7 years ago

Thanks for all the feedback. Ophthalmic science aside, the job is for a vertical display, and when I'm working at home and at an office, I end up with different monitor configurations and am always in peril of giving show and tells. So when I don't have 2 monitors and have to show off a vertical HD @25% screensize on my laptop, I find the toolbar eats up valuable territory. It ain't very Lego-like and to have fused menus just seems to cut down on my screen options. Once upon a time the menu didn't even resize horizontally. To not have a zoomable timeline is something I have never gotten used to.

misterbrains, 7 years ago

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